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Dryer Vent Bracket For Tight Spaces

The BEST Dryer Vent Solution. The Hard Duck Bracket replaces your current inefficient and dangerous dryer vent system (flexible dryer vent hose) with an all-metal vent system. This maximizes airflow, reduces lint buildup, and minimizes drying times.

In case your current dryer vent is not suitable enough to support your system and work properly – Hard Duck offers perfect dryer vent solutions for every system.

Our specially designed dryer vent bracket is ideal for tight spaces. It is manufactured with a high-quality metal that is durable and efficient. When you replace your ordinary dryer vent bracket with the Hard Duck Bracket the drying time reduces up to 30%. It also maximizes airflow and helps to reduce lint buildup. These features of our product make it safe and support the overall functioning of your system.

Our manufactured dryer vent bracket is adjustable and works efficiently to stabilize the hard metal duct in an appropriate position to receive the dryer's vent. These qualities of the vent bracket boost the venting system and make the process easier and safer. While you are installing the system you are not bound to access the dryer's vent –you can install it in cabinets or closets. It is available in 27 inches or 29 inches width. We also provide lint seal and other necessary hardware required to install. So you don’t have to run for anything after purchasing our vent bracket.

Supplied with lint seal and all hardware needed.

Order by dryer's width: 27 inches or 29 inches.


US D690.065 | US 9,513,056,B2


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  • Does it include a 90 degree bend to connect to a vertical duct?

    No for that you would want the tight fitted ninety comes with seals or without look in shop under fittings 

  • This looks like a wonderful solution to dryer vents but I am wondering if it will work in my situation. Our space is limited in our laundry room/powder room. There is only a few inches on the sides of the machines so no work on them can occur from the sides. It is necessary to move the dryer out straight and back in straight to get to the vent so when moving it back in place we can only view the area from over the top of the machine. The vent to the outside is directly behind the dryer on the wall but offset by a few inches. It wasn't clear to me from the video how these can be lined up and basically snapped together with your system with the ridged piping. Can it be accomplished without being able to access the machine from the side at all?

    the outside duct has to be lined up with the dryer vent! so you would adjust the bracket to the dryer when its away from the wall. Then after it is adjusted and tight you will need it to mark the wall were you need your duct to come out so slide just the bracket to the wall MARK THE CIRCLE WERE YOUR DUCT NEEDS TO BE. I neatly open the wall with a fine tool as big as I will need to reposition the duct with fittings or change the outside exit location.When you make this happen you will need no access to the back of the dryer it will slide in and lock for a perfect straigt through connection      

  • Can the distance between the dryer back and the wall be as little as two inches?

    if you alien the bracket to the back of your dryer vent port and tighten hardware ,Then take the bracket to your dryer location and mark the wall. Now route the duct by opening the wall and adding necessary fittings then close wall slide bracket in place. Then one to two inches is all you need.  Here is a video of the Hard Duck tight fitted 90. View Video

  • What if the exit port on the dryer does not match up to the duct port on the wall?? Which is the reason why people need a flex duct to begin with.

    With any installation there will be some engineeing , look into repositioning the Dryer and what would be necessary to achieve that. If you can not reposition the dryer, then open the wall, cut studs, or chisel concrete shift the duct over, use metal duct fittings and duct to postion your duct into the dryer vent bracket. If you can not do that, then use as small piece of UL Listed coilflex for dryers to make that connection. Remember to secure the dryer vent bracket to the floor or top of washer like it shows in our videos! So if the duct from the wall is secure,  the bracket is fasten down, then that piece of flex will be very short and secure ,streched out for good flow and less likely to fail. Click to View Installation Video
    PS I am no fan of flex duct every install, I do, is done with Hard Duct for good reasons  

  • What does this bracket really do

    The clothes Dryer vent Bracket gives the installer an opportunity to create a solid connection with hard metal duct locking everything in place.

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