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Extend Dryer Life

Probably the hardest, and yet the easiest to solve, issue with dryers is a clogged dryer vent. As a result of using flexible duct, you run the risk of greatly restricting the airflow from the dryer, causing the dryer to work harder to expel the moisture and heat, which may result in poor performance or automatic shutoff.

Think You Need a New Dryer
Certainly, when a dryer starts performing poorly, taking longer to dry clothing, or overheating, people believe it's a mechanical issue and start shopping for a new dryer. In reality, the source of the problem is almost always an accumulation of lint or other debris in the dryer vent line. That's why at Hard Duct, all of our products, including our industry leading sealed dryer vent fittings maintain maximum dryer air flow, and thus, improving drying time, and extending dryer life and our Dryer Vent Bracket eliminates the need for Flexible duct that clogs up !