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Energy Savings

Drying your clothes may be costing you more than you realize. If your dryer vent system isn’t functioning properly, or if it is clogged with excess lint or debris, you could be spending extra on utilities with every cycle.

Dryer Vent Cleaning = Energy Savings

Lint accumulation, clogs, or animal nests in dryer vent lines can cause restricted airflow through the dryer vent system. This causes the dryer to run less efficiently, and may cause a buildup of heat and moisture and even cause the dryer to stop working. This can occur in all types of dryers including energy efficient dryers, ultimately causing your energy savings to dwindle. Dryer vent cleaning can help protect the environment, your home, and your wallet by allowing your dryer to use less energy per cycle.

Get the lint, nests, and debris out for good with Hard Duck - The Revolutionary New Dryer Vent Bracket System.